Special Worship Services

Lent and Holy Week
  • Mid-week Lenten Services are held at 6:30 PM following a Lenten meal. Lenten services begin with Ash Wednesday and conclude the Wednesday before Holy Week. Each year, there is a special theme. We alternate using Haugen’s “Evening Prayer” and Makeever’s “Joyous Light”
  • Maundy Thursday Worship begins at 6:30 PM. Focusing on the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples, we also celebrate our Fifth Grader’s First Communion at this service.
  • Good Friday Worship is at 6:30 PM. This worship focuses on scripture and prayer as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • Easter is celebrated in three worship services, starting with the Sunrise Service at 6:30 AM. The other services are at the regular worship times of 8:00 AM and 10:15 AM.
Rogation Sunday is usually observed on a Sunday in late April.
Outdoor Worship Service at Worthington’s Chatauqua Park at 10:00 AM the last Sunday of August celebrates the end of summer.
Thank-offering Service is traditionally held the First Sunday of October at both Sunday services by the women of the church.
Reformation Sunday is also our Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) at the 10:15 service.
Thanksgiving Eve is a 6:30 PM worship the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving Day.
A Longest Night/Blue Christmas Service is held at sunset on the Sunday closet to the winter solstice. It is especially meaningful for those who have experienced a deep loss.
Christmas Eve American Lutheran holds three Christmas Eve services at 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM. The 4:00pm service is family oriented. The 6:00pm service is a traditional Christmas Eve service with candles, carols, and communion. The 10:00pm is traditional with the service lead by the worship band.

Christmas Eve, December 24th Three distinct Christmas Eve worship services along with Noon Midday Prayer

8:00 AM Christmas Eve Matins
Noon Digital Midday Prayer
At Pastor Anne and Arvid’s Home

4:00 PM Christmas Eve Vespers


8:00 PM Christmas Eve Compline


We hope you will join us!