Etta Janssen Memorial Fund: The estate of Etta Janssen (1895-1973) established this scholarship in 1975. The expressed desire of Etta was that the fund be perpetual and used for no other purpose than scholarships for seminary and Lutheran college students. Each applicant may receive scholarships for up to three years with an additional three years if preparing for full time church work.
American Lutheran Church Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is available to members of American Lutheran Church, Worthington, MN attending their second year of any accredited college or two-year accredited community college and/or technical school. Students who have previously received the Etta Janssen Memorial Fund scholarship and continues on to graduate school may apply. Each applicant may receive scholarships for up to 3 years.
Scholarship Regulations
  1. Rules of Eligibility: Funds may be requested by any confirmed member of American
    Lutheran Church of Worthington, Minnesota. Such confirmed member, during the
    current or preceding calendar year, shall have communed in this congregation and shall
    have made a contribution to this congregation. The confirmed member must have
    completed the equivalent of one year of college and be enrolled as a full time student at
    a college or seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to qualify for the
    Etta Janssen Memorial Fund or at any accredited college, university or technical school
    for the American Lutheran Church Scholarship.
  2. Length of Scholarship: A scholarship will be granted for one year only. A renewal
    application must be filed for each succeeding year. Each preceding year must have been
    satisfactorily completed.
  3. Submission Deadline: All applications for a scholarship must be returned to the church
    office by January 31.
  4. Transcripts from the previous year and confirmation of the student’s school of choice for
    the fall are due to the church office by June 15.
  5. Failure to Successfully Complete the School Year: Dropping out of school for any reason
    except illness converts the scholarship into a non-interest loan to be repaid no later than
    April 30 of that school year. In the event of death, the repayment will be forgiven.
  6. Scholarship Committee Authority: The scholarship committees, as appointed by the
    Church Council of the American Lutheran Church, shall make the final decision as to who
    shall be granted a scholarship.
  7. Recipient Acknowledgement of Award: Awardees are requested to acknowledge by way
    of a thank you to the Scholarship Committee that you received the scholarship. Notes
    should be sent to the American Lutheran Church, Attention ScholarshipCommittee.
  8. Scholarship Disbursement: All scholarships will be sent to the college financial aid office
    in a timely fashion and not the recipient.
  9. Amount of Scholarship: The amount of the scholarship will be based on the number of
    eligible applicants.
  10. A student cannot simultaneously receive a scholarship from both the ALC Scholarship Program and the Etta Janssen Memorial Fund.