Re-Opening of the Church
After 12 weeks of worshiping online, we at last will return to our Sanctuary on June 14th at 10 AM. On June 8th, our council voted to resume worship under a reentry plan and a worship addendum that will be posted on our website. We will continue to evaluate monitor and update the plan as we journey through this pandemic together.


Thanks to the way we redesigned our church we can include fellowship hall as part of our worship area. So, we should have no problem accommodating regular summer worship attendance.


Worship attendees
We encourage people who choose to worship in person to self-monitor and to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. Anyone who begins to develop symptoms during a worship service will be allowed to leave the gathering to prevent the spread of illness. Please do not feel as though you need to be in worship at the facility. If you are not ready to worship in a public setting, we welcome you to continue to worship with us online or through Cable 3.

We strongly encourage those who are at risk, including those over 65,  and those having pre-existing health conditions, or those living with a member of their household facing these added risk factors for Covid 19, to continue worshiping online or via channel 3.  In the near future, we do hope to add an outdoor drive-in worship service with the sound being broadcast to you in car radio. This will be a great option for those who wish to come to worship, but really need to avoid large crowds.
Hand washing, Sanitation, Respiratory Etiquette
All members will be encouraged to act in accordance with public health guidelines, including covering coughs and then washing and sanitizing hands. The council is strongly encouraging worship participants to wear masks while in the church. During our Phase 1 of corporate worship we will not be singing in the worship space, as a congregation. All singing will be done by musicians separated by some distance from the congregation or will be prerecorded for the congregation to experience reflectively.
Social Distancing
We will use the occupancy limits of our space according to the guidelines provided. Please maintain at least 6 feet between you and those who do not share your home.   When you enter the church ushers will help you find seating and arrange proper social distancing around your household. When using stairs or hallways, please stick to your right side of the passageway. 
When using the elevator please use it only as individuals or households. We ask that you remain at your seat until your family is dismissed.

Handshakes and hugs are discouraged. As usual we will project the services onto our screens, but we will not be using our hymnbooks.

We will receive tithes and offerings, along with communion/attendance cards at the exits of the worship space after the worship service.  We will not pass an offering plate. There will not be Sunday school, adult education or coffee time until we are able to move into a latter Phase of gathering, allowing for these activities.
High touch areas in the gathering area and the Sanctuary, will be sanitized before and after each worship service. Regular housekeeping practices of the worship area and the restrooms will be done on a weekly basis. Regular housekeeping and sanitizing of all high touch surfaces in other public areas will be done on a weekly basis.  To avoid touching of doors, they will be propped open before and after the worship service. We will do all that we can to promote air circulation in the worship space.
Communications and Training
Copies of this statement will be available on the church website and as hard copies at the church facilities. Any additional updates, communication and training will come by public announcements at worship services and directly as needed.

We miss all of you and we look forward to the day when this is all behind us.  Until then keep the faith! Live in Hope! Share the Love!

Tara Thompson

On Behalf of the Church Council